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Planet Popcorn FundraisingWhen it comes to funding your non-profit organizations projects, outings or special events, most non-profit organizations rely on fundraising to help pay for a these types of events. So if you’re in a church group, sports team, a band or any other group that needs to raise money, Planet Popcorn offers one of the easiest fundraising programs available.

Unique Fundraising Program

With Planet Popcorn’s unique fundraising program, you’ll find that our supportive approach will help your organization raise money while maintaining a spirit of fun, teamwork, and excitement. In order to help you rise to the top and bring in the profits, Planet Popcorn provides you with a comprehensive fundraising scope based entirely upon and oriented around your success; this allows you to raise money for your endeavor in a way that fits your lifestyle. Achieve your goals faster and more efficiently than ever before, combining your dedication to your cause with our host of helpful tools, safety tips, steps to success, and more. Read on to find out how easy it really is to get started and get selling!

What’s Your Fundraising Goal?

Planet Popcorn FundraisingAt Planet Popcorn, our primary goal is to help you succeed; bringing in money for your team, group, or special cause with help from us along the way. Unlike most fundraising programs, Planet Popcorn actually provides you with assistance and advice on how to make the most of your endeavors.

We’ve spent years brainstorming and developing the most advanced, up-to-date fundraising success strategies and now we’re passing on the benefits to you. You won’t believe how effortless raising money for your cause can actually be. From the first simple steps of signing up and receiving your fresh, flavored gourmet popcorn to the moment you surprise and delight your customers with their deliveries, we’re your partners in fundraising fun and success.

Sell Only The Highest Quality Gourmet Popcorn

Start your fundraiser with gourmet popcorn products proven to deliver the highest and most consistent level of quality and customer satisfaction. Planet Popcorn gourmet popcorn comes in rich, delectable flavors that everyone loves. And since our gourmet popcorn is made only from the highest quality ingredients, we can honestly say that this stuff practically sells itself!

Planet Popcorn specializes in providing extremely high quality gourmet popcorn in high volume locations such as arenas, amusement parks, fairs, festivals and sporting events throughout the western United States. Our popcorn is truly gourmet, non GMO and offered in a variety of sizes and flavors. Take advantage of our proven fundraising knowledge and experience, come experience the amazing Planet Popcorn difference for yourself!

Getting Your Fundraiser Started is Simple:

  • Order your FREE starter kit. We’ll send your organization everything you need to get started at no cost, including color brochures and order forms.
  • Outline a plan. Create a timeline for selling and inspire motivation to stick to it; you can even instigate a little friendly competition to keep everyone selling to their fullest potential through the duration of your timeline.
  • Tell and sell. Tell everyone you know about your unique story. The more people know about why you’re selling, the more likely they’ll be to contribute! Everyone loves a success story; let your customers know how they’ll be part of yours.
  • Hold meetings to keep morale and success moving. Planet Popcorn’s resources on fundraising success help you and your team keep the ball rolling and the money rolling in from start to finish. Remember: we’re here to help you reach your goals.
  • Collect your info, submit your order, and deliver the goods! But that’s not where it ends; you’ll also receive exclusive rewards points from Planet Popcorn for your hard work and participation.

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