Caramel Kettle Corn – Little Dipper 6-Pack


Picture this: All-natural, sweet cream butter, lightly salted and just beginning to melt. A dash of the finest brown sugar, slowly combining over a low flame to create a golden brown drizzle of soft, sweet caramel. Now, scoop up an ample spoonful of that confectionery delight and add it generously to our one-of-a-kind, crispy kettle corn, allowing the delightfully sweet concoction to coat each and every crevice of every kernel. Now you have it: our genuinely irresistible caramel kettle corn.

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Each Order Includes:
» 6 Individual Popcorn Bags
» Approx. Bag Weight: 3.5 oz / Total Weight: 14 oz
» Bag Dimensions: 14″ Tall x 5″ Wide x 2.5″ Depth

All-Natural Gourmet Popcorn:
» Non-GMO
» 100% Gluten Free
» Zero Trans Fats & Low Carb

Lightly tossed with our signature caramel glaze, it’s the perfect snack any time of the day and the ideal dessert following any delectable dinner. Once you’ve tried even one tiny bite, you’ll see what we mean when we say that this light-tasting, old-fashioned recipe simply can’t be beat. At Planet Popcorn, we create our delicious gourmet popcorn in small batches for superior quality you can actually taste.

Taste the difference that our commitment to quality makes in every fluffy, crunchy bite of our signature caramel kettle corn. Though you probably won’t feel much like sharing this sinfully delicious treat once you’ve tried it, we do make it easy to give the gift of gourmet popcorn. Check out our extensive selection of package options for your next party, family get-together, or office party and get ready to see some seriously satisfied faces! Or keep the goods for yourself and dig in to this irresistible caramel kettle corn goodness just about anywhere you go. However you snack, do it with Planet Popcorn and live the really good life!

Weight 1 oz
Make Mine A Big Dipper (Adds 6 oz)




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