Chocolate Drizzle Popcorn 3.5 Gallon Tin


Dark and white chocolates, coupled with classic caramel, are a match made in heaven in our famous Chocolate Drizzle flavor. If you’re searching for the ideal gift to say “Congratulations,” “Thank You,” or even “Get Well Soon,” look no further than our generously packed 3.5 gallon popcorn tins. No one can resist the call of two kinds of chocolate, delicately striped across every perfect morsel of our fluffy, air-popped caramel popcorn, and everyone loves an easy snack that satisfies that well-known craving for something luscious and sweet. Stock up now and share a few smiles!

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Tin & Weight Details:
» Tin Size: 3.5 Gallon
» Tin Colors: Red, White
» Approx. Product Weight: 5 lb, 6.9 oz

All-Natural Gourmet Popcorn:
» Non-GMO
» 100% Gluten Free
» Zero Trans Fats & Low Carb


Until you’ve crunched into a heaping handful of our signature Chocolate Drizzle flavored popcorn, you simply haven’t lived. Our famous caramel corn striped with luscious dark and white chocolate, just waiting to melt in your mouth and drive you wild with desire… Your taste buds won’t believe what they’ve been missing.

To create an overwhelmingly tempting flavor like this, our expert confectioners begin with our flawlessly air-popped kernels of premium corn. We always start with the best! Then, very carefully, we take our hot, fudgy sauces one at a time and layer the popcorn with the perfect amount of chocolate. The classic combination of white and dark chocolate is allowed to set, creating a sweet, melt-in-your-mouth snack that’s may as well call itself a dessert. We won’t blame you, though, if you can’t wait until after dinner; we can’t, either!

Weight 6.9688 oz
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