Spicy Cheddar Popcorn – Big Dipper 4-Pack


Aged cheddar cheese combines seamlessly with the seasoned tang of a special blend of spices, satisfying your craving for a little walk on the wild side. Not sure that you can handle all of this delectable zest and fiery punch all at once? Have no fear! Even those with a preference for non-spicy snacks find our secret recipe irresistible; it’s the perfect balance of spice and nice in a treat that’s ideal for any occasion. Just show up at your next work function, party or family reunion with gift basket of this flavor and see what we mean! The bags will be empty before you know it, leaving everyone searching for one last fluffy, crunchy morsel.

Freshness and Shipping: We cook all popcorn orders on the same day they ship. We ship within 24 hours of receiving an order, through USPS (Mon / Fri). We will send a tracking number for you to view the progress of your orders delivery, as soon as your order ships.

Each Order Includes:
» 4 Individual Popcorn Bags
» Approx. Bag Weight: 6 oz / Total Weight: 24 oz
» Bag Dimensions: 17″ Tall x 7″ Wide x 2.5″ Depth

All-Natural Gourmet Popcorn:
» Non-GMO
» 100% Gluten Free
» Zero Trans Fats & Low Carb

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There are few things in this world that are better than the rich, savory taste of fresh cheddar cheese. After all, how can you possibly improve on the best? We know there’s one way: Add a little heat, of course! Our freshly popped, always perfect spicy cheddar popcorn tantalizes your senses with its classic cheesy aroma, only to wow you with its fiery hot zing as you crunch each kernel.

At Planet Popcorn, we believe that we’ve all got a little fire in us somewhere. With our spicy cheddar gourmet popcorn, we just help you feed the flame. Dig in to your own bag or tin today to find out what you’ve been missing when it comes to popcorn: a savory-hot kick that will undoubtedly leave you craving just one more heavenly bite.




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