Windy City Mix – Big Dipper 4-Pack


Once upon a time, someone obviously quite brilliant came up with the ingenious idea to take a bite of caramel corn and a bite of cheesy cheddar popcorn – at the same time. Ever since, millions have enjoyed this one-of-a-kind, salty-sweet combination in the form of the famous Windy City gourmet popcorn. Half savory and half sweet, it’s 100 percent delicious!

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Each Order Includes:
» 4 Individual Popcorn Bags
» Approx. Bag Weight: 8 oz / Total Weight: 32 oz
» Bag Dimensions: 17″ Tall x 7″ Wide x 2.5″ Depth

All-Natural Gourmet Popcorn:
» Non-GMO
» 100% Gluten Free
» Zero Trans Fats & Low Carb

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Crispy, crunchy, and creamy all at the same time, Windy City Mix is a longtime favorite of popcorn lovers raised in the Midwest and throughout the rest of the country. Now it can finally be yours, no mixing required! We’ve taken our world-famous caramel flavored puffs of premium popcorn and combined them with our classically irresistible cheddar cheese kernels, creating an unexpectedly tempting taste sensation that will undoubtedly keep you coming back for more.

If you are one of the many Americans who loves a little sweet with their savory, Planet Popcorn’s decadent Windy City Mix gourmet popcorn is the ideal snack for you. Ooey gooey caramel is nothing short of magnificent alongside its delectably cheesy partner in crime, ultimately forming a timeless pair that you can’t help but adore.

After you’ve satisfied your own craving for this well-loved flavor, perhaps you’d like to share a little with friends and family. Our broad selection of sizes and packaging options means you’ll always have enough deliciousness to go around. Grab a handful today and find out what real gourmet popcorn should taste like!

Weight 1.875 oz



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